Paula Swenson


Zebraxing started as a place to share my freelance writing, but my focus has evolved from writing to help others to a broader creativity enabling, I hope that if this blog  piques your interest, you will wander over to my website and nose around.

I am a writer, artist, teacher and creativity enabler, who leads a semi-nomadic life, but stays linked to the everyday world via my trusty computer.  As a voracious reader since early childhood, a dedicated observer, and the daughter of an English teacher, it seems inevitable that I would end up writing.

After years of writing radio scripts, artist interviews, grant proposals and journals, I found myself teaching writing techniques to adult students of English as a Foreign Language.  This re-energized my interest in writing and I began writing essays about my travels to entertain my friends.  Eventually my work in the EFL field led to book reviewing; proofreading, editing and ghostwriting business presentations, documents and articles; and a return to writing about creativity and the arts.

I love wordplay of all sorts and enjoy the challenge of helping other people express themselves clearly and find ways to use their innate creativity to realize their dreams.   How can I help you?

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