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Charter for Compassion

In Uncategorized on November 15, 2009 at 8:59 pm

Charter for Compassion. Read it, affirm it, live it.


A Gift of Time

In Art and Creativity, Business, Time and Change on November 6, 2009 at 3:45 pm

Remember there is plenty of time, and every moment counts” is a zen saying that I have transferred from notebook to notebook for years now… it is so hard to remember to honor both sides of that “equation” at the same time. When we focus on “there is plenty of time”, we can get lazy and let big swathes of precious time slip away . . . on the other hand, when we focus on “every moment counts”, we tend to fret about not doing enough… it seems to be such a dilemma, but maybe, just maybe, it is not two things at all. Maybe it really is one thing. Time stretches into wonderful fullness when we make every moment count! Maybe the secret is to make the moments count so that we needn’t count the moments.

I’ve recently been energized by some projects that have come into my life and I find I have more time despite being busier, so I’ve been cruising along, be very productive until the other morning, when someone asked me, how do you find time to do all that?? From the moment of that question my day became a train-wreck of colliding priorities and unfocused actions. It took several hours of mayhem for me to realize that when the question was planted in my mind, I started to doubt that I had the time/energy to do everything I had taken on– wow, thoughts really DO become things–and so quickly! So I promptly sat down and gave myself TIME to refocus and resume my pre-question state of mind and sure enough, the rest of my day was quite productive.

When we are in a place of flow, it is easy to see that we have plenty of time. The task I’ve set for myself now, and I invite you to participate too, is to retain the calm and the focus, even when the flow is interrupted. I hope that will make it easier to recapture the flow and make every lovely moment count.

How do you give yourself the gift of time?

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