Paula Swenson

The Month of Blooming Flowers

In The Natural World, Travel on May 31, 2009 at 5:10 pm

May, Květen in Czech, is the month of blooming flowers, and indeed everything seems to be blooming simultaneously, in this warmer than usual spring of 2009. Cherry and apple trees have already lost their blossoms, lilacs are in full bloom and the chestnuts are full of flower “torches” and spirea bushes are white as snow. Meadows are dotted with the blue of forget-me-nots, white fleabane daisies and yellow buttercups and dandelions. Trees are in full leaf now and it feels like summer half the days with temperatures soaring above 23C (73F) and the rest of the days are chilly, windy and rainy, more in keeping with Spring. A profusion of tulips are giving way to stately iris, and lush peonies are already nodding colorfully in local gardens.

This month our adopted town of Litomyšl is celebrating 750 years of existence, there have been sword fights in the square, pageantry with horses, kings and armoured knights and a lot of beer and sausages! Recently some modern interactive sculptures have been temporarily added to our public places and last night we had moci noci (powerful night) with museum, castle and monuments open until, midnight free of charge, a fire juggler in the monastery gardens and a festive fireworks display to end the evening. So our modern fairy tale continues.

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  1. Nice. Made me want to see it all.

  2. Thanks 🙂 it is a lovely, lovely place.

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