Paula Swenson

Confessions of a Nomadic Soul

In Travel on May 31, 2009 at 4:40 pm

I’ve never met a trip I didn’t like. Which is not to say that I’ve never had a bad travel experience, but rather that, on the whole, nothing can make my heart sing like heading out the door with a packed bag in my hand.

Perhaps it was the fact that when I was a baby my parents used to wrap me in a blanket and lay me in a basket on the rear floor of the car (pre-child seat era) and drive around to get me to sleep. Maybe it was the long summers spent in the family station wagon criss-crossing the USA and Canada, or the big green and white World Book Atlas with all its exotic places: Tierra del Fuego, Madagascar, Mandalay, or Sognefjord. It could even be that the travel bug is an inherited malady, I can trace my roots back to nomads on both sides of the family.

Whatever the cause, I find travel intoxicating and fulfilling. I often find that I am only home a short time before feeling that restless urge to get on the road again. I consider myself lucky indeed to be married to a man who shares my addiction to being on the move. Sharing new experiences has kept our relationship fresh and fun for 18 years and counting.

I used to despair that my travel list kept getting longer, rather than shorter. As I hear about new places from fellow travelers, I add them to my list, but there are also so many places I long to revisit, so many people we have connected with that I hope to see again. Recently I decided that it isn’t a list to conquered, but a catalog of possibilities to be savored! I feel much better now.

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  1. I adore the catalog idea. I always find myself panicking when I look at a world map, or a globe. There arent enough days of life for me to be every place I would love to be- but I think that’s also part of the beauty of it… no matter how perfect the place you are presently in, the heart always screams for one more place… just one.

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